Under the Starry SKy (by Yuga Kurita)


Under the Starry SKy (by Yuga Kurita)

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"And I pray that you no longer seek happiness from the past, but rather you set your sails forward, to a land that is pure and wonderful. I pray that you no longer stare into the shallows of empty promises, but that you dive into the depth of an ocean of guarantees. May you feel the winds of hope, and smell the scent of joy, may your heart be alive again as it was meant to be. For you are with a better captain, you are with a true sailor, a true leader; You are sailing with Christ, and He is always sure to lead us home."

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My. Lands. This.

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Paris, First Class, International.

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[ How Great Though Art (Acoustic Live) Jimmy Needham ]

I was privileged to watch Jimmy Needham live last night at the CCF Multipurpose Hall, Ortigas. To be honest, I never really heard anything of, about, and from this awesome artist until last night and it was a random decision to go with my friend Maggie not knowing any of his music. I just thought, hey, *there is in no way a singer with the tagline "Guy. Guitar. Gospel." can disappoint me (lol) and maybe this will be a chance for me to be blessed and I’m ready for God and this man to surprise me*, so there we went.

Jimmy Needham definitely blew me away. His musical style reminded me so much of Kris Allen - acoustic with a mix of pop rap lalala you know what I mean, the kind of edge I’ve always been drawn to. I loved how he spoke so truthfully about his life, love for God, his wife and children (he even played songs that he wrote for them!), and his testimony. When Julianne Tarroja opened the show she said she hopes we all leave the concert hall blessed and different. I’m pretty sure we all did.

I got the chance to record some of his performances and this is one of my favorites. A classic, with the Needham twist. Check out the rap lyrics!

There’s no one greater in the Universe
In all Creation, I promise they could a search
Still they would never find another one of your kind
Who holds it all together, who tells the sun to shine
I been around the world, they say that love is blind
But I love you cause I’ve seen you, a hundred times
I’m so amazed this world that you made it’s
Amazing, you know the stars on a first name basis
Yeah I’ve tasted and seen, cause your greatness
Grazed this dude, on his face you’re gracious 
How you create this world in a week
From the clouds in the sky to the pearls in the deep
I look into the air and your glory shines
So when I walk outside it’s story time
You’re telling me about your greatness and power
That’s why I came to praise you this hour
Then sings my soul

When I think about your greatness and might
So bright that we gotta hide our face from the light
I’m even more amazed you gave us the Christ
Considering you made outer space and the like
And I ain’t never heard of love like yours
Betrayed by the slaves that He came to secure
I think about the strain and the pain He endured
Got me with my knees and my face to floor
There’s no one greater in the Universe
I’d never heard of a God who took on human hurts
Hung up on the cross, paid for my debt
Blood spilled for my guilt all my pain and regret

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God is a God of Second Chances-and third and fourth and even more chances. He loves you. God’s approval is not based on your achievements. It is based solely on the fact that you are His child and He sees the best in you. There is nothing you can do, and there’s nothing anyone else can do, that will ever change your value in God’s eyes. But you have to do your part. Quit over-analyzing your faults; stop taking an inventory of everything wrong with you. You make mistakes, ask for forgiveness and then move on. Don’t become overly concerned if you are not changing as quickly as you would like. Stay focused on what you can become, and God will get you to where you need to be.

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2014 spoiler:I still won't have a boyfriend
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Take a break from all the plans that you have made, and sit at home alone and wait for God to whisper…Beg Him please to open up His mouth and speak, pray upon your knees until they blister. Shine a light on every corner of your life until the pride and lust and lies are in the open. Read the Word and put to test the things you’ve heard until your heart and soul are stirred, and rocked, and broken.

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